Monday, December 21, 2009

The logo that never was

On every project, we generate many options that never see the light of day. This is especially true of logos. Quite often they are good, sometimes great - but for various reasons don't get chosen to make the next round. I was looking back through old projects searching for logos that we might submit to a logo competition, and I came across this little gem. Clean, well drawn, has wit... great logo, right?

But it got me thinking. If a tree fell in the woods, and only Helen Keller was there to hear it... well you get the idea. Does a commercial art project need to be validated to be good? If the designer is happy (if not thrilled) and the client is satisfied, bills are paid and everyone sleeps at night, isn't that successful? Does the client have to pick the direction we wanted them to? We created all the options to begin with, so as long as the client finds a fit amongst the choices... isn't that enough?

So why enter logo competitions at all? Why enter any competition? I really don't think you can compare work unless you understand the process behind the solution. And if you don't consider that, then what are you judging the work on? I mean, if we believe the hype about each project being a collaboration and needing good client input - and if there are good clients vs. bad clients at all, then doesn't that mean that their input is actually relevant if not important? So unless you are going to consider the client's desires and direction, you only have half the story.

But then, I'm a realist. And I believe that design serves a function and isn't just meant as art. But maybe when a design solution ends up in the land of misfit logos, like the one above, maybe then it becomes art – Something you can actually judge based solely on what it looks like - process doesn't matter. Maybe then it becomes fine art... but only if its good.

Monday, December 14, 2009

A fine time

So It's been a while since I've updated this page... feverishly working on projects and being a dad. Speaking of being a dad, Jackson had a big day on Saturday. He tested and passed to get his blue belt in Shoa-Lin Kempo, and then promply lost a tooth. Later that day, we had a big holiday party at our house for clients and friends. 40 adults, 20 kids, 15 bottles of wine, 1 bottle of bourbon and 4 rounds of smoked salmon. It was quite an event, and a really great time... fun to see and relax with people that we otherwise never get to see. Gotta love Christmas!