Friday, October 2, 2009

Oooh the Mystery!

I design a lot of wine labels. Lots. I also enjoy wine, so it is not uncommon that we would trade with a client or purchase their wine occasionally. I have to say, whenever something unexpected comes in the mail, it really is like Christmas. Today we received an automated phone call from UPS informing us that they will be delivering a package today. That call really only happens when they require you to be home to sign for it... as in the case of wine shipments. The anticipation begins!

They were kind enough to zero in on the time frame - sometime between 9am and 7pm. So that really helped me plan my day. Of course, now that I've received the call, I feel like I can't leave the house for fear that I'll miss them. That's the worst! You have no idea when they are coming back, and you still don't really know what it is!

So I'll try to go on with my day, pretending that I'm not looking out the window. But really I'm like a 6 year old trying to go to sleep on Christmas eve. Horse tranquilizers wouldn't even have much effect.