Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friends in the right places

I think UPS trucks are magic. I don't care what they are delivering. But today was truly special. The UPS guy did his typical Rockford style skid in front of my casa, ran up to my door, dropped the package and rang the door bell. Before I could reach the door he was leaving a trail of burnt rubber and smoke as he headed to the next stop.

I eagerly opened the unexpected box - thinking perhaps it was a leg lamp ala A Christmas Story, or perhaps Ed McMahon's final check before moving on.

It was better! My friends at Crush Creative Packaging actually found a can of Waffle Off (see post from Aug. 31) and were thoughtful enough to send it to me along with color coded jelly beans and a nice note! Couldn't believe it. I'm going to put this on my shelf with all my other trophies and never, ever use it. It's just too damn cool. Thanks Crush, Thanks Carrie - for everything, but especially the waffle off.

Carny Concerns

I love the state fair. We go every year - at least once. As we walked around amid the teenagers looking stoned and about to steal something, I noticed this huge electrical panel next to what appeared to be a nuclear power plant. Massive power cables came out of this box in every direction - the sort of things that'd cook you before you could scream for help.

Couldn't help noticing the danger sign. Kinda wondered if it was a joke, or just a really fantastic typo. I've gone back and forth on this point, but given that the average carny probably can't spell 'electical' or 'zone' I figure it must be a really great example of why certain jobs should be left to the professionals.